Pylon PowerCube H2, 3.552kWh, 48V 74Ah for High Voltage series connection(H48074)



Storage Systems – Li-ion Battery Pack

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Powercube series products with its modular design concept, enables the highest flexibility both for rack mounted and container based constructions, giving the flexibilities for customer to deploy the system. Configurable from units of 5 – 12 modules per system, the system can supply 240 – 576V for high Voltage applications.

  • Modular and Scalable
  • 5 – 12 modules per rack and up to 6 racks in parallel
  • Flexible BMS voltage range from 240VDC to 576VDC
  • LiFePO4 technology for safety and long cycle life
  • High System Safety
  • BMS has charge, current and temperature protection
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Rack mounted or container-based systems

Each Battery module comes with 1 x Communication Cable and 1 x Orange Power Cable

A BMS unit and external cable kit is required for each individual stack of batteries. 

A minimum of 5x battery modules is required for BMS operation. 

For installations with two BMS units and more an MBMS is required.


Supplier Part No:

31 kg

Battery Type:
Lithium Ion

Nominal Energy:
3552 Wh

Depth of discharge:
90.00 %

48 V

Continuous Discharge Rate (Normal Use):
1776 W

Maximum Discharge Rate (5 Minutes):
3552 W

Surge Discharge Rate (15 Seconds):
3552 W

Maximum Charge Rate (5 Minutes):
3552 W


1. Pylontech brochure

2. CE Declaration of Conformity Powercube H2

3. Data Sheet Powercube H2

4. PowerCube-H1H2 Operation Manual V2.4

5. Pylontech Compatible List V2.20 ESS

6. Pylontech Compatible List V1.99 ESS

7. Pylontech Compatible List V2.15 ESS

8. H48074 SDS Safety and Handling documentation

9. PowerCube-H1H2 Operation Manual V2.4

10. Pylontech_product_warranty_Powercube X1-H1-H2



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