Huawei 5kW HV hybrid storage inverter L1


Part No: SUN5KTL-L1

Storage Systems – Hybrid Inverter

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The Smart Energy Controller (SUN2000- 3 / 3.68 / 5 / 6KTL-L1) is Huawei new single-Phase inverter and is direct compatible with their own Huawei Luna battery

  • Direct compatible with Luna battery and is Plug and Play and no extra devices is needed
  • AI Self leaning new arc detection
  • Is compatible with the Sun2000-450W-P optimizer
  • Simple commissioning by APP
  • Auto-detection of system equipment
  • Registering your plant by scanning any device
  • Energy Flow illustration
  • Real-time data at anytime and anywhere
  • Performance data back-up
  • Physical & logical module layout
  • Module -level performance monitoring
  • Smart I-V Diagnosis
  • Smart dongle Plug and Play (LAN or 4G dongle available)
  • Smart dongle support up to 10 inverters
  • IP65

Can be installed without batteries as ‘battery ready’

Max 3 batteries per inverter


Supplier Part No:

12 kg

Rated Power:
5,000 W

Min PPT Voltage:
90 V

Max PPT Voltage:
560 V

DC Startup Voltage:
100 V

DC Shutdown Voltage:
90 V

Max Input Voltage:
600 V

Max DC Power:
7,500 W

Max AC Power (5 Minutes):
5,250 W

Surge AC Power (1 Second):
5,500 W

Max DC Current:
25 A

Max DC Inputs:

Has DC Fuses:

Amphenol H4

Included Connectors:

Euro Efficiency:
97 %


MPPT Quantity :

Has Integrated DC Switch:


1. Distributed Smart PV Solution Brochure

2. CE Declaration of Conformity

3. CE Declaration of Conformity EU20

4. Data Sheet Huawei L1

5. Data Sheet Integrated Panasonic Coin Type Battery

6. L1 Declaration for ENA EREC G100 Requirements – for Single Phase Inverter

7. G99 Certificate

8. Installation Manual Huawei L1 – Quick guide

9. User Manual Huawei L1 2022

10. PV Management Manual

11. Warranty


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